Ideal Employee

Knowledge and enthusiasm, and originality. With that name in your future.

We support all of our employees who grow with our customers through our passion, expertise, creativity and communication skills.

Ideal Employee
Ideal Employee A passionate person
  • For the customer / For the people / About technology / About quality
Ideal Employee People with creativity (creative thinking) and planning ability
  • People who have a lot of curiosity and imagination, open minds about new and other people's opinions and people with flexible thinking
  • Provides a better way to suggest and implement new ideas
  • People who want to plan and manage work time effectively / efficiently and create high productivity and performance
Ideal Employee A person with professional core competency
  • People who try to possess the knowledge and skills required to perform their jobs successfully
  • Individuals who want to accumulate enough experience to be able to perform their jobs independently
Ideal Employee People who can create synergy through teamwork and communication skills
  • Recognize their competencies and responsibilities from the perspective of the company and understand the work relationship with their colleagues and other teams and work together by demonstrating teamwork.
  • A talented person who has a good relationship with his / her peers and can communicate effectively
  • People who share technology, data and information and strive to create synergy
Ideal Employee Always learn and study
  • Talented person who writes life purpose, mission and vision in writing
  • People who learn with specific goals and timetable to improve their core competencies based on their potential and talents
  • People who want to improve core competencies such as character, knowledge, and technology and who want to grow into core talents