Environmental Management

The environment is our future.
ONEGENE CHINA practices environmental management through
continuous improvement.

We will promote sustainable automotive parts business, which aims to continuously improve the environment by actively responding to climate change by making efforts to prevent global warming, taking the value of environmental protection and respect for life as the central axis of management.

Environmental Policy

  • Compliance and Responsibility Management
    Compliance and Responsibility Management

    Environmental management related laws and regulations, international standards and agreements, and customer requirements, as well as strengthened internal management to ensure that there are no omissions or violations.

  • Eco-friendly management practice
    Eco-friendly management practice

    Considering all processes of product, develop eco-friendly products and practice eco-friendly management that uses resources and energy efficiently.

  • 리스크 선행관리로 건강한 기업가치 구현
    Implement healthy corporate value through risk pre-emptive management

    Prevent the risk factors in advance, spread safety and management culture, and create a comfortable work environment.